Financial Frenzie



Our game called ‘Financial Frenzie” is based on financial forecasting. The aim of the game is to help people learn about how to forecast in the business. Our target audience is entrepreneurs who are looking to start up a new business and anybody in the world of business who would like to know more about the topic.

Essentially there are two parts to the game:

  • First – learning the theory behind financial forecasting and answering a series of questions in our quiz on these topics to gain money.
  • Second – investing your money in different stocks, deciding which companies are in the best financial state to invest your money in.

The game is not only about learning, but creating an interactive fun element to it. This fully engages the player as it allows them to apply the theory they’ve learnt in order to ensure the player fully understands financial forescasting.


An example of an avatar

This section of the game is where the player will learn all their theory about the topics. Each learning session will relate to the level and forecasting topic they are on.

It is also where the avatar, that the player can design at the beginning, can enter a world where they can buy/sell properties and build up their investments whilst interacting with other people. The players can use their knowledge on forecasting to try help them succeed in this tycoon world. This part is also optional so for the players whose only purpose is to learn about financial forecasting they can still do so in an interactive way.

Questions Centre

This section is where the player will travel to answer questions based on the theory they learnt at Home. There are several questions on each topic. The topics start off at a basic level of financial forecasting which a person who is involved in a start-up will need to know. As the levels progress, the questions on the topics will increase in difficulty. If a player needs help they can use the ‘Tip’ button which will give them advice in answering the question. Resulting in the number of questions answered and level of difficulty, the players will receive cash rewards respectively.

The Stock Market

Once the player has reached level 3, they can move onto the main interactive element of the game, the Stock Market. The player can travel to our virtual stock market where they can buy/sell stocks from different companies, using the cash rewards earned in the Question Centre. As the player levels increase, more companies will be available to purchase stocks from.

Daily newspapers will be given to the player each day about the stocks and how certain events may increase or decrease the stock prices. The player can see trends and learn how to best buy which stocks and at the optimustock market (2).pngm time. This will develop valuable financial forecasting skills. Likewise, each day the player can see if their purchased stocks have increased or decreased in value as the stock market changes. This entices the player to visit our game each day to see their progress as they will also gain prizes.

The money the player gains from their stocks can either be reinvested into the stock market or be used to start up their own business.


The Business World

Following on from the stock market, players have the option to further interact with other players and businesses as there will be a feature to connect with friends and other players.

This feature creates a competitive side to the game as players will seek to become as rich as possible because the better off you are financially, the higher up on the leaderboard you become. Your friends can see your progress on the leaderboard and you can play against them.

Example of badges you can receive as you progress through levels


Being able to learn the theory, answer the questions and adapting your knowledge to then know where and when the best place to invest your money in the stock market is guarantees the players to achieve the aim of our game: learn about how to forecast in the business.